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Exhaust Hood Cleaning

We are affiliated with the MFS Exhaust Hood Cleaning School. We have trained, qualified and certified hood cleaners across the USA and Canada that we can refer to you. Do not gamble with your restaurant, use ONLY certified hood cleaners. Our certified technicians will clean to NFPA Code 96 standards and provide you with; before and after pictures, greasing of fan bearings & belt changing, changing of grease pan to catch the grease from the fan on the roof, and clean the make-up filters on the roof to give you better circulation in the kitchen!

Weekly Filter Cleaning

We offer weekly filter cleaning to restaurants so you never have to touch filters again. Once a week, we will come and take your dirty filters and swap them with clean ones. We order a brand-new set of filters for your exhaust hood system...they are yours to keep with this service. We have very competitive pricing.
Cost: Starts at $60 & up.

Pressure Washing

We are affiliated with the MFS Exhaust Hood Cleaning School. We have trained, qualified and certified hood cleaners across the USA and Canada that we can refer to you. We offer pressure washing of walkways, dumpster area, drive through areas.
Cost: Starts at 20c a sf.

Clean Your Own Exhaust Hood System (Training & Certification)

"Learn How To Clean Your Own Exhaust Hood System"

  • Save thousands of dollars in cleaning costs
  • Train & certify your own people
  • Do it right yourself!
  • Protect your restaurant from fires!
  • Easy to do...we will help you with tools, equipment and cleaning chemicals.


Plan I:    Online Training & Certification, self-study program via training manual & 19 Online videos. 

Our online self-study course has been developed & video taped straight from our 4-days hands on class and is designed for you to do everything over the Internet and at your own pace from the comfort of your own home...Stop and go around your own schedule!! It includes 19 online videos of an actual 4- day training that we video taped along with our 92 page Training Manual. So you will still learn and understand the NFPA Code 96 as it pertains to "Commercial kitchen exhaust hood cleaning", learn marketing and estimating and at the end take our test to get your certification and become a Certified hood cleaner. Our course comes with 1-year phone support to help you with any questions that you may have. This course does not include marketing or estimating or how to grow this as a business but geared only for restaurants cleaning their own exhaust hood system. 
Cost: $2,000 per person.

Plan II:  4 day hands-on training & certification available in Sanford, Orlando, Florida.

You will learn everything about commercial kitchen exhaust hood cleaning in this intense 4 day hands on course, taught by a retired government bonded contractor & exhaust hood cleaner who was also a private fire inspector. You will learn everything from how to do the work, to the marketing and estimating and understanding the NFPA Code 96 like a fire inspector. We will start by teaching you the work inside our 4,000 SF training facility on 2 real exhaust hoods that we have for you to practice on, and then we take you out in the real world during the day to clean a very big catering hall with a 50 foot exhaust hood system. We go on the roof to teach you how to clean fans, install grease containment systems, clean make up air filters, grease fan bearings, air balancing, funneling and draping, how to mix chemical, how to clean filters using various techniques that will save you time and money.
COST: $2,800 (First Person) + $2,400 for each additional person from the same company.


You may also choose a hybrid of the two plans above by starting with the Online self study course first and getting your online certification fast and then if you feel you still need to do the hands on portion, you can pay an additional $400 and come for one day and do the hands-on training that we do every month where we go out in the day (from 10AM-4PM) and clean a commercial catering hall during the day.
Cost: Additional $400 over Plan #1 (Online).